Deliver Better Healthcare Solutions with Azure Healthcare FHIR APIs

Sep 30 2021

Azure Healthcare FHIR APIs are the evolution of Azure API for FHIR. It will enable organizations to bring health data to the cloud and leverage the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to turn data into real-world evidence to drive change, improve clinical and operational outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare.

In this webinar, we discussed about Azure Healthcare FHIR APIs and how you can take advantage of the capabilities of the Azure Healthcare FHIR APIs in your health data workloads.

You will learn about:

  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Azure Healthcare FHIR  APIs
  • How different data formats can be ingested and standardized
  • End-to-end pipelines that empower organizations to do more with health data
  • Showcase how integration with EPIC opens new opportunities
  • Teams on FHIR