Unleash the Power of Generative AI: Building Intelligent Apps for Tomorrow

Aug 16 2023

In the current era marked by rapid technological disruptions, it is imperative that software and applications embody the flexibility required to swiftly adapt in accordance with evolving business needs. Azure OpenAI Service is a game-changer in the world of Generative AI and presents a unique opportunity to reshape the way products are designed and developed. Software development organizations should leverage the sophistication of Generative AI-based intelligent code processing combined with the Copilot Framework. This technological amalgamation significantly enhances application development processes, meeting not only immediate business objectives but also future-proofing product strategies. 

  Our experts explore capabilities around Azure OpenAI and the latest developments in the world of Generative AI to cover the following key topics: 

Key takeaways:

  • A comprehensive understanding of Azure OpenAI Services. 
  • Discover how to build, host, and maintain intelligent applications that prioritize security, governance, compliance, and responsible AI.  
  • Business and technical use cases to innovate and optimize operations. 
  • WinWire’s offerings for Azure OpenAI services. 
  • Demo of the documentation from code repos as a chat-based solutions 
  • Copilot stack-based application examples and its architecture