Hadoop to Microsoft Azure Databricks Migration

Dec 16 2021

Migrating from an on-prem Hadoop environment to a modern cloud data platform like Azure Databricks can be challenging. Most Hadoop users struggle due to system complexity, managing the large volume of data and an unscalable infrastructure.

A well-defined migration approach that considers all the details meticulously on the existing Hadoop environment, user community, and risks is critical for a successful transition.

Explore this webinar session on Hadoop to Azure Databricks migration to learn how companies are driving business value with Databricks. In this session, we discussed why companies migrate to the Databricks platform and how they use it to drive innovation and business outcomes. We also discussed our Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS) framework to migrate workloads and data to the cloud securely.

Key takeaways

  • How are Hadoop and Databricks ecosystems different?
  • How do you migrate different toolsets from Hadoop to Databricks?
  • What are the challenges in migration?
  • How much automation is possible in the migration?
  • Key considerations for building a migration plan