eRoom to Office 365 – Migration Best Practices

Jan 24 2018

For many organizations, SharePoint has evolved from providing a better way to share documents to a complete collaboration and document management platform. Microsoft provides new innovations for SharePoint (on-premises), SharePoint Online and Office 365 that help businesses stay ahead of the competition.
eRoom is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a collaboration tool.

Once you start leveraging eRoom, beyond a certain point, when requirements get further extended with enterprise-wide collaboration software, including content management, internet facing, extranet portal rather than just a simple project collaboration tool, then SharePoint Online and Office 365 suite of products can be your best choice. SharePoint gives businesses a well-integrated collaborative workspace, that too with powerful features and capabilities. In this webinar, we covered:

• SharePoint Online and Office overview
• Comparison between eRoom and SharePoint Online / Office 365
• Migration methodologies from eRoom to Office 365
• Migration options from eRoom to Office 365