Secure Machine Learning at Scale on Azure with MLOps – Part 2 of 2

Sep 08 2022

As organizations adopt machine learning, operationalizing their ML models in production and monitoring for performance is a real challenge. MLOps helps solve this problem in a reliable and automated way. The other challenge is choosing the right toolsets and methods for building the MLOps process.

In this two-part webinar series, our Machine Learning specialists will provide a detailed outlook on MLOPs toolsets and options available on Azure. Based on how you are adopting ML on Azure, we have a two-part series addressing specific ML environments.

  • Part 1: For enterprises adopting ML using Azure Databricks
  • Part 2: For enterprises adopting ML using Azure ML Studio, Azure Synapse Analytics

Part 2: Azure ML Studio, Synapse Analytics and MLOps

You will learn:

  • MLOps toolsets and options on Azure
  • Considerations for building MLOps in ML Studio and Synapse Analytics
  • Use cases and demo
  • Success stories