The Power of Data-Driven Insights

Analytics and Cognitive Services are characterized by functionality that supports a complete analytics workflow — from data preparation to visual exploration and insight generation — emphasizing self-service usage and augmented user engagement.

Differentiation for Analytics and Cognitive services extends beyond data visualization capabilities and interactivity. Differentiation is driven through augmented and embedded analytics capabilities and a “Data – Insights – Decision – Action” lifecycle flow.

Augmentation leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence for data preparation, insight generation, and explanation to help business and data analysts explore and analyze data more effectively.

Analytics & Cognitive Services

Unlock the power of data to transform your business

WinWire offers Analytics and Cognitive services from concept to user onboarding, modernizing business intelligence, uncovering insights, enhancing data exploration, and enabling better and faster business decisions. We leverage Data platforms, visualization, ML, AI, and cognitive services to deliver insights that change how you make decisions, enabling leverage of all kinds of data; internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, and visual.

When we look at helping our clients in their AI journey, we think of a spectrum going all the way from SaaS with AI to AI Accelerators and Custom AI projects.

Service Offerings

WinWire provides actionable insights and comprehensive dashboards that help our customers make important decisions. With an in-depth understanding of visual designs and vast BI knowledge

BI and Data Visualization

  • Assess and recommend best practices in BI & Visual Analytics
  • Reports and dashboards development
  • AI-driven Analytics
  • Self-service Analytics
  • Data analytics and BI platform development
  • Dashboards Optimization

BI and Data Visualization

Industry Analytics Solutions

  • Analytics for Customer Experience
  • Retail Analytics
  • Analytics for Supply Chain
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Marketing and Sales Analytics

Industry Analytics solutions

Cognitive Services

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Cognitive Search
  • Image Processing
  • Conversational Bots

Cognitive Services

Deliver real business value by adding cognitive capabilities

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