My Previous blog, Reboot with Azure DocumentDB: A NoSQL database on thecloud was the overview of Azure DocumentDB, while in this blog, I will move further deep down to analyze what significant features make DocumentDB a powerful database. Azure DocumentDB- A highly scalable NoSQL document database-as-a-service Azure DocumentDB offers rich query and transactional processing over schema-free data.… Continue reading Azure DocumentDB – A Deep Dive

Have you come across any complex scenarios where you need to use multiple roles for users and your code complexity increase as the business rules changes? As the application development continues more roles get added and your code gets unmaintainable? Have you had scenarios when only one single role can only be given to user… Continue reading Flags Enumeration for Roles in .NET Applications

Gone are the days of atwelve-to-eighteen-month development cycle. These days’ small teams operate in agile sprints, iterating quickly and pushing code every week or two. The applications that once used to serve as a finite audience are now getting delivered as services that must be always-on, accessible from various different devices and scaled globally to… Continue reading Reboot with Azure DocumentDB: A NoSQL database on cloud