Understanding SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Tools

As technologies have evolved, the usage of JavaScript has increased drastically. We can go back to distributed computing and build rich, fast, interactive user experiences for the client. If we see, last year has delivered significant updates to the SharePoint user experiences, such as modern team sites, document libraries, and pages. These modern experiences feature… Continue reading Understanding SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Tools

Implementing ‘Multilingual Sites’ – ‘Language Variations’ in SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online have features that enable you to support users in different regions or users who speak different languages. You can use these features to create websites in different languages or to enable users to view sites in their preferred language. This blog describes how to implement multilingual sites in SharePoint online.… Continue reading Implementing ‘Multilingual Sites’ – ‘Language Variations’ in SharePoint Online