Power BI provides offers rich visual that interacts well with the other visuals that are included on a Power BI report. However, one of the main complaints has been that the slices use up very precious screen real estate, especially when you are trying to add in data visuals onto a report. Filters were previously… Continue reading How to Disable Values in Filter Pane for Filters in Power BI Report

Data Governance and Compliance Data is an economic asset that helps organizations improve operations, increase revenue, solidify relationships with stakeholders, produce new revenue streams, improve the quality of current products, establish competitive differentiation, allow innovation, and reduce risks. Data Governance and Compliance is a crucial aspect in realizing the value of data as an asset. … Continue reading Microsoft Purview : Simplify Data Governance and Compliance

Microsoft Health bot endows the developers to develop and an deploy health bot application. Especially when it is related to Health domain, there are many prebuilt scenarios which can be customized using visual authoring tool to tailor your organization’s requirements. It aligns with the industry compliance requirement and privacy protected to HIPPA standards. Out of… Continue reading Enhancing Microsoft Health Bot with Conversation Elements

Understanding the Principle of Design Thinking How well do you know your customer… I mean the digital natives or immigrants & Gen Z? What’s true Empathy? This is a question that enterprises constantly seek to understand. Our ability to answer this question brings us closer to the prospect or customer and even help with sales… Continue reading Customer Success & Business Growth via Design Thinking (AI+App Innovation)

I am excited to share that WinWire has won Microsoft AI ML Workathon 2021. The solution we created for the Workathon is an Azure-enabled WinVision AI Animal Health solution. Healthcare organizations are increasingly focusing on the availability of data to make informed decisions and in the process to make a difference to the world. This is the… Continue reading AI ML Workathon 2021

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) Third Generation is a language model. Open AI presented it in a pioneering paper ‘Language Models Are Few Short Learners’ in May 2020. Introduction GPT-3 is a machine learning model build to achieve solid and accurate results on various natural language benchmarks. When it was introduced to the tech world, it… Continue reading What Is GPT-3, And How Does It Help Progress Our AI Journey?

Just imagine how much error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming it would be to extract data manually from various sources/documents, which might also impact the entire business process. Let’s consider a use case where the power of Amazon Textract can be harnessed. “A transportation agency maintains all registration and transportation in paper-based documents. With the growth of the number… Continue reading Amazon Textract Service – Extract text, data and forms from documents

Data is the single source of truth for businesses that wish to retain customers by continuous exhilaration. Today, because of IoT, mobility and cloud technologies, data sources have increased and data, both structured and unstructured, from on-premises and multiple clouds continues to pour into organizations. This data is often stored in disparate sources, i.e. file… Continue reading Data Fabric – Modernizing Data Integration to Deliver Business Value

Nerve cells in the brain control all our functions, thoughts, emotions and so forth. To summarize they define who or what we are. However, even more important than nerve cells are the junction between two nerve cells and unless these junctions or pathways are connected there would be resultant dysfunctionalities and chaos. This functionality or… Continue reading Azure Synapse Pathway – The Pathway to Truthful Analytics

In this digital-first era, innovations using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning ­are a key component of organizational goals and strategy. With its Power Platform suite Microsoft is enabling companies to build customized solutions to increase automation, collaboration, productivity, and scale without heavy investments. Digital Immigrants & Natives across industries are building applications along with… Continue reading Intelligent Automation Of Digital Workflows Using Microsoft Power Platform and AI Builder