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Rapid technology advancement and breakthrough innovations have resulted in exponential data growth from social media, applications, sensors, and enterprise documents. The benefits of the cloud enable organizations to capture and harness data to create new opportunities for people and organizations to innovate and grow faster. Organizations running SQL Server data applications are transitioning to the cloud for scalability, flexibility, and security.

Microsoft’s Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and R2 end-of-support bring additional challenges – security, increasing cost, and regulatory compliance. Many customers are under pressure to upgrade their systems to the latest version to innovate and transform business.

Azure helps organizations confidently take the next step to modernize applications, rapidly build apps leveraging low-code platforms, or future-proof existing applications with the right tools to reduce server and infrastructure costs and deliver value faster. With Azure, you not only reduce the cost of running your workloads but also achieve increased operational agility.

SQL Server on Azure

WinSQLPro – SQL Server on Azure

“WinSQLPro” is built on the Migration as a Service (MaaS) framework to migrate on-premises SQL workloads to Azure.

WinSQLPro enables enterprises modernize and migrate legacy SQL Server databases to Azure SQL services efficiently by bringing together well-defined processes, tools, and framework to facilitate seamless migration.

Azure SQL services with the options of SQL Server on VM, Azure SQL Machine Learning, and Azure SQL Database provide the right capabilities that align with the immediate and long-term business need for a rapid transition to the cloud.

WinWire’s WinSQLPro four weeks assessment defines a comprehensive migration plan and demonstrates a proof of concept.

Assessment is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

SQL Server on Microsoft Azure – Migration Approach

WinSQLPro brings a well-defined migration approach, framework, automation, and best practices for rapid migration from legacy databases and its interfaces to Azure SQL services.



Understand the SQL Server landscape and its features



Identify the right Azure SQL services, perform environment setup & validation



For the identified scope, migrate & validate the app



Test run with data & hand over the app for validation. Deliver the larger plan

Results You Can Expect

How organizations migrating to Azure SQL Server see significant ROI and reduced on-premises infra and staff costs?

  • Reduced migration risk by a comprehensive assessment of the existing SQL environment
  • End-to-end migration acceleration, including ETL, reporting, UI applications repointing to SQL
  • Optimized data extraction, transfer, and integrated data reconciliation process
  • Adopt newer capabilities of Azure data services

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