Align business and IT strategy to drive value and reduce cost

Most organizations struggle with managing the growing cost of the IT function. With Technology Business Management (TBM), business and technology leaders can jointly manage IT spending for running and growing the business.

Technology Business Management

Technology Business Management (TBM)

Adopt a value-centric approach with WinTBM

WinWire, helps its clients adopt a robust TBM analytic application to transform finance and IT operations through the WinTBM services. WinTBM is an Azure analytical platform and framework that allows enterprises rapidly adopt TBM.

WinTBM includes pre-built data model, integrations from finance, IT operations, and dashboards to visualize traceability and expedite insights. WinTBM lays the foundation for a comprehensive governed enterprise IT data domain enabling:

  • Higher productivity
  • Innovation
  • Maximizing value

The solution is listed on Azure Marketplace.

Our Approach

WinTBM accelerates TBM value realization and helps customers focus on their core business. Our proactive approach addresses the challenges and bridges the gap between the business and IT.

Technology Business Management

Results You Can Expect

How TBM benefits your organization

  • Data model aligned with TBM Taxonomy
  • Metrics and dashboard visuals
  • Data mapping from finance systems like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics
  • Design for a unified, interactive app for data controls
  • Machine Learning and AI model use cases

Leverage TBM to optimize your resources and assets to accelerate growth.

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