Democratize your enterprise data with Microsoft Purview

May 25 2022

Data is an economic asset. The value of data can be realized only when access to data is democratized. There are various aspects that need to be addressed when democratizing data, viz., risks in data misuse, barriers in collaboration, and lack of data literacy.

Data Governance enables data democratization and brings business, IT together to leverage data as an asset. Microsoft Purview (earlier Azure Purview) is a unified data governance solution that simplifies governing data across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS landscapes.

You will learn about:

  • ​How does Microsoft Purview help in data governance?
  • What are the key considerations for the successful adoption of Microsoft Purview?
  • What are the phases involved in the implementation of Microsoft Purview?
  • How are customers leveraging Purview?