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The customer is a leading healthcare medication and feed producer that develops animal health products and innovative solutions to protect and enhance animal health.

Business Challenge

The company works to empower veterinarians, food producers, and all those concerned with animal health. With a large-scale digital transformation as its key priority, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Key challenges

  • Identifying the APIs coming from different multiple sources
  • Improve operational efficiency and agility
  • Manage and maintain APIs at one place as it requires technical support in-terms of consuming the APIs
  • Keeping track of authorized consumers who are consuming the APIs
  • Permission access was highly complex and cumbersome
  • Wanted a strong connect with the business to the apps, customer, and developer
  • Improve employee productivity through a better IT experience

WinWire Solution

WinWire’s Enterprise API Management solution accelerates digital transformation by providing the capabilities to bring systems together, secure these integrations, deliver customer experiences, and capitalize on new opportunities.

WinWire developed Enterprise API Management in Azure to centralize repository of all enterprise APIs, which helps consumers consume the APIs with high-end security standards.

  • Designed and developed a comprehensive Enterprise API Management solution leveraging Azure Services
  • Defined steps and standards for the API management to help future onboarding of new APIs
  • Defined steps and standards for the API management to help future onboarding of new APIs
  • Provided additional security based on the category of the APIs (red / yellow / green)
  • APIs were categorized based on the sensitivity of data

Business Value

  • Improved operational efficiency and ROI
  • Enabled seamless consumption of APIs by the business processes
  • Ensured a multi-level robust secure platform
  • Improved employee productivity

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