Infrastructure as Code (IaC)




Terraform, Ansible, GitHub, Azure DevOps, and Azure Function Apps.


A global animal healthcare leader specializing in developing and delivering feed and medicines for farm and companion animals through their bold vision and cutting-edge scientific innovation

Business Challenge

The company faced challenges in efficiently provisioning infrastructure on Azure.

Their existing process was slow and inefficient, taking over 35 days to provide the necessary infrastructure.

WinWire Solution

WinWire proposed an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution automated to manage Azure cloud estate.

The solution included automating infrastructure provisioning with zero-trust security, building an end-to-end infrastructure provisioning pipeline using IaC, and designing standard enterprise patterns for Azure.

WinWire’s IaC solution dramatically reduced the company’s infrastructure provisioning time from over 35 days to just 30 minutes.

This reduction in time enabled the company to deliver services faster, reduce operational costs, and improve security and compliance through standardized patterns and automated processes.

Key technologies involved were Terraform, Ansible, GitHub, Azure DevOps, and Azure Function Apps.

Business Value

  • Deployment Speed Improvement: Reduced deployment time by 30-40%.
  • Operational Cost Reduction: Up to 50% decrease in operational costs.
  • Security Compliance Rate: Achievement of nearly 100% compliance with security standards.
  • Resource Utilization Efficiency: Increase in efficiency by up to 60%.
  • Developer Productivity Increase: Up to 35% increase in productivity.
  • Reduction in Manual Errors: Decreased manual errors by approximately 45%.
  • Budget Adherence: Improved budget adherence, with less than 5% deviation.

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