Cloud Migration and App Modernization




Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), GitHub, SQL, and Azure Data Lakes (ADL), DotNet, Azure Cognitive Services


Customer is a global legal and compliance technology company that helps users to organize data, discover the truth and act on it. The customer has more than 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries serving thousands of organizations globally, primarily in legal, financial services, and government sectors.

Business Challenge

The customer has cloud-based eDiscovery software that has become the go-to name as an effective legal tool. It’s typically used for identifying, preserving, collecting, & processing overwhelming amounts of documents & metadata that could be evidence in lawsuits.

  • As part of IT modernization strategy, the customer was looking to modernize their legacy applications with enhanced features to make the legal processes efficient, effective, and secure.
  • Their transformation strategy required the migration of on-premises applications to Azure Cloud to improve flexibility, scalability, and delivery.
  • Applications have become complex and inflexible. Implementing new features were, hence challenging.

WinWire Solution

In designing the perfect fit for the customer, we leveraged Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), GitHub, SQL, and Azure Data Lakes (ADL), resulting in multiple benefits.

The customer was using .NET Standard, and we are helping them move to .NET Core for cross-platform deployment, which simplifies code (since the built-in features are now being used), accelerates deployment, reduces errors, and ultimately, trims the infrastructure cost.

  • We helped move away from the monolithic structure and adopt ASP.NET Core for microservice app design.
  • Consolidated disparate data sources in the ADL resulted in improved SLA, augmented capital investment, and enhanced security.
  • By harnessing the powers of Azure cognitive and real-time services, the customer significantly enhanced user experience with 24/7 global support, app health checks, and a faster service turnaround time.

Business Value

  • Saves approximately 40% of the total cost of ownership.
  • Less complexity and a 150% reduced operational cost        .
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • The app already records 10B+ documents & counting.
  • Better positioned to serve global customers following local  jurisdictional laws.

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