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The customer is a leading lifestyle retail organization with over 700 stores in the United States and Canada. Their stores specialize in novelty and gag gifts, merchandize, room décor and horror items

Business Challenge

The organization was facing a challenge with its existing e-commerce websites/web stores. They could not provide an option for the users to book an order online and pick the products from the nearest stores, impacting customer experience and business performance

Key challenges: 

  • The existing websites did not have real-time inventory visibility from the physical stores.
  • For restricted shipping items, online orders are not available for all states.
  • For oversized items, customers are supposed to pay extra shipping leaving customers dissatisfied.

WinWire Solution

WinWire has been a trusted service provider for various retail organizations. After consultation with the retailer, we supported them to enable their existing storefront with BOPiS (Buy Online Pick in Store) implementation. 

It enabled the end-users with the following advantages: 

  • The users can buy the products online and pick them from the nearest stores and provide a better shopping experience.
  • Inform the users via email to pick the items from the physical stores during specified time slots. 
  • Faster delivery at a lower cost while providing the users with multiple delivery options.
  • Allowed users to choose a nearest store based on the zip code/state/city/store name.
  • Enabled the users to buy oversized items and without any additional shipping fee.
  • Eliminated restrictions for the pick from store as those products will not be shipped.

Business Value

  • Increased online sales and increased website traffic.
  • Empowered the users with more delivery options and elevated customer experience.
  • Attracted shoppers into spending more by optimizing the in-store experience.
  • Email notifications to users about their order status and pick-up slots.

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