Table of Content What is Application Modernization? Application modernization is about updating legacy software to a new and transformed computing approach, which may include newer languages, frameworks, and infrastructure tools. This practice is often referred to as legacy modernization or legacy application modernization services. It is a software development equivalent to revamping or renovating an… Continue reading Application Modernization Services – Modernize Your Applications with Azure

Most of the time, organizations are apprehensive about the change, so the adoption of new methodologies is always considered challenging. Furthermore, without some key enabling technologies, organizations may fail to achieve the desired increase in throughput and struggle to manage a growing infrastructure footprint. Organizations must identify their own inhibitors of change so they can… Continue reading What is DevOps and How it Works?

Recently I was discussing at a forum about the evolution of enterprise IT in last decade and the key factors driving it, towards the end of the discussion without any amazement we unanimously picked mobility and cloud computing as the top two technologies which are transforming enterprise IT today are “Mobility” and “Cloud Computing”. While… Continue reading Next Gen Hybrid SharePoint & Office 365 deployments from enterprise IT perspective