Workflow Manager Server provides the capability to host workflows in a high scale, high density, and multi-tenant environment. These Workflows are authored using an entirely declarative model, using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows Workflow Foundation. Workflow Manager is generally used by SharePoint Server to run SharePoint Workflows that help people and teams to collaborate on documents… Continue reading Workflow Manager Server Migration

Ever since the launch of Office 365, there has been a need to make these services seamlessly accessible. Needless to say that Single Sign On (SSO) has been on the top requirement list for many organizations. I wanted to put together a quick post and run through how easy it is to setup Single Sign… Continue reading How to Set up Azure AD Connect SSO

The cloud is one of the biggest changes in our industry and it has impacted all of us. Cloud is the latest symptom of a general trend towards more open, collaborative ways of working where companies become much less self-sufficient “islands” of activities than they were in the bygones. From my point of view, businesses… Continue reading Azure Automation – Working with ARM

Have you experienced an escalation issue or sent a response to the client’s mail indicating “You have not installed it correctly” or “Your hardware is not configured properly? As IT professionals we often encounter support tickets for applications that are: • Sluggish• Fail to install• Randomly stop working The Conflict between software development teams and… Continue reading Introduction to Azure Resource Manager