Cloud computing has evolved over the last decade. It started with cloud providers offering data centers to organizations as an outsourced storage mechanism. It turned into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) where consumers had more control as they managed the servers or virtual machines. Just like any technology, cloud computing kept becoming more convenient for… Continue reading Serverless Computing with Azure Functions

DevOps is no more just a buzzword in the IT industry. DevOps can help your enterprises accelerate software and services delivery. If you are building software, and you are still stuck with the old-fashioned ways of software delivery, then you are way behind the rest of the world. It’s high time you embrace DevOps, because… Continue reading The DevOps Way – Why, What, How & Blockers

Wit DevOps becoming the way forward, more and more applications are being developed using DevOps methodologies. Along with the DevOps wave, is riding the cloud wave across platforms. When selling cloud-based applications to customers, one of the biggest question that is posed at service providers is – security. It becomes a little more complicated when the… Continue reading Securing Cloud Apps with the Secure DevOps Kit for Azure

Today’s organizations face the challenge of building applications for the future while supporting the current environment. They are expected to run the business and build new applications simultaneously for better customer engagement, drive new revenue sources, and develop new products and services. And, they need to perform all this while managing their existing legacy and… Continue reading How to modernize legacy applications with Microsoft Azure

What is Application Insights? Application Insights is an Application Performance Management (APM) tool by Microsoft. It is an extensible analytics service that monitors live web applications and services – hosted on Azure, other cloud services or on-premises servers. It provides rich and comprehensive information on the performance and usability of the live application, effectively enabling… Continue reading Smarter Apps with Application Insights

In recent times, more and more organizations are moving their applications and infrastructure to the cloud. The flexibility that cloud-based applications have provided to businesses has, in turn, made them want more. No business likes to have its website down for the maintenance, not even for a few minutes. The websites crashing on a Black… Continue reading Building and Managing Microservices Applications with Azure Service Fabric

It goes without saying that every part of an enterprise relies on technology. With more and more technology providers coming to the fore, it is not uncommon to find a variety of technology platforms across the units of an enterprise. To keep the pieces of the enterprise moving together there is often a need for… Continue reading Integrating ServiceNow with SharePoint 2013