Application Modernization




Azure, Power Apps, Azure SQL, API services


The customer is a Bay Area-based specialty coffee roaster and retailer owned by JAB Holding Company.

Business Challenge

The customer had a legacy asp-based web application ‘location master’ where users had to search for a store matching their criteria. By clicking on the store, users get a detailed screen which had multiple integration issues that lead to increased operational cost and dissatisfied customers

The current application was obsolete and wasn’t scalable. The design had store information spread across multiple data sources, and customer felt the need to centrally manage information to provide customers a unified experience

Customer felt that there is a strong need to implement a new solution that is:

  • Cloud-enabled and provides store information across all devices
  • Rich in attributes and accessibility that ensures smooth maintenance going forward
  • Better and scalable mobile-enabled user interface
  • Modernized database solution based on Azure services

WinWire Solution

  • WinWire developed a scalable mobile-first modernized application using Azure and PowerApps that offered an interface to access the information in the ‘location master’
  • Created a rich user-friendly UI for easy navigation and visibility that had the ability to manage all stores
  • Enabled, addressed and maintained the existing integrations by creating csv/excel export of the tables based on consumption
  • Analyzed and migrated existing ‘location master’ Database schema and content to Azure SQL
  • Implemented a business services layer (API or web service), which could be accessed by any application to fetch the requested location master data attributes
  • The solution was centrally hosted on PowerApps and leveraged Azure services to modernize database

Business Value

  • Enhanced employee productivity and customer experience
  • Reduced operations cost
  • Integrated business process to ensure smooth maintenance going forward
  • Simplified application integration and robust design for scalability
  • Centralized store information to manage information / issues across locations

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