Application Modernization




Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure


The customer is a large electric car company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles, electric vehicle powertrain components, and stationary energy storage systems in the US, China, Norway, and internationally.

Business Challenge

The senior management of a leading electric car company was looking for ways to manage the complete manufacturing shop floor movement of parts to be assembled. 

Once deployed in production, it will be a critical app in the manufacturing process. They were looking to implement it on priority as they were scaling their manufacturing facilities in the gigafactories.

The shop floor information was maintained via spreadsheets and the overall process was very inefficient, leading to wasted man-hours and re-verification of shop floor movement, leading to inconsistencies in assembly management. 

The overall maintenance of the inventory relationship took a lot of work to maintain as the entire process was manual and prone to errors. 

  • The data was managed in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, giving rise to a complex process. It was too tedious and costly to manage.
  • Creating APIs for integrating with applications like CRM and others was expensive.

WinWire Solution

The customer approached WinWire to solve their challenges using our RPA capabilities in strategic areas for process optimization and faster workflow to address their business inefficiencies.

  • Conducted workshop with customer to understand the business flow and current technical implementation.
  • Document the current issues with app and the priority items that needs to be taken up.
  • Implemented the finalized features and fixed issues in the application.
  • Performed unit testing and end-to-end system testing of the functionality in customer’s environment.
  • Configured the Azure DevOps pipelines for Dev, Test and Prod environments.
  • Present work-in-progress demos to IT and business teams
  • Coordinated user acceptance testing with customer’s IT and business team and fix the identified issues.
  • Configured deployment of application in customers dev/test/production environments using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines

Business Value

  • Driving high productivity and enhanced customer experience and optimized processes.
  • Offered a unified view of the customer of the entire manufacturing process.
  • Improved shop floor management for field engineers with accurate representation of inventory.
  • Improved visibility of processes in fault finding and reporting during the assembling process.
  • Built an extremely agile and extensible architecture.

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