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Azure Cloud, Azure Search, Cosmos DB, Azure Services, Power BI, Machine Learning, Application Insights, .NET Core


The customer is a worldwide distributor of books, digital content, and entertainment products across the globe. It offers cutting-edge digital media services to publishers, libraries, schools, and retailers.

Business Challenge

The customer’s current cataloging application was obsolete and wasn’t scalable and maintainable. The performance of the system was prolonged, and there were frequent server connection timeouts. The customer felt the need to build a high performing system, reduce the amount of time taken to load screens, eliminate issues with multiple crashes/frozen screens.

The customer was looking to have a scalable solution, which is easy to maintain and must have:

  • Web-based interface that eliminates the installation of client-side software
  • Modernized database solution based on Azure services
  • Highly maintainable/scalable architecture for quick future enhancements/updates

WinWire Solution

WinWire designed and developed a digital cataloging application using .NET Core and Azure Services.

  • Modernized application using Azure services and Cosmos DB that offered high performing architecture
  • Created a user-friendly UI which is compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • Infused Microsoft AI-powered intelligent search to recommend and respond to what readers require in the most precise way
  • Analyzed and migrated existing content to Azure Cosmos Database
  • Implemented a business services layer that could be accessed by any application to fetch the requested data attributes
  • Provided a subscription-based service to different libraries to access customer’s repository and to build their catalog. This will generate multi-million-dollar revenue to the customer.
  • Created Power BI reports reflecting the trends and highlights possible data quality issues
  • Best record search, batch search and community database are some of the unique features implemented
  • The application is used by over 1,000 libraries and manages 7.5 million titles/950 million records with the scalability of 20+ million titles/2.5 billion records to meet the growing digital cataloging needs
baker and taylor

Business Value

  • Increased efficiency & throughput of customer cataloging team
  • Improved collaboration with customers and partners to create a highly dynamic & comprehensive offering
  • Eliminated dependency on third-party cataloging utility resulting in savings
  • Reduced record searching time by 40%
  • The robust application and user-friendly UI strengthened learning experience of readers and invited more readership digitally

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