Introducing CodeFresh

CodeFresh is a next-generation continuous delivery platform which was built specifically for microservices and container-based applications. As Kubernetes is a popular platform for deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications and codeFresh has the best-in-class Kubernetes integration and complete GitOps Support, it becomes a popular choice specially for helm chart deployments. Helm deployments can be visualized from the… Continue reading Introducing CodeFresh

Introducing GitOps

“GitOps” term was coined/popularized in August 2017 by a series of blogs by Alexis Richardson, the co-founder, and CEO of Weaveworks. GitOps is a methodology of implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud-native applications using Git as a source of truth. Though it is generalized with Kubernetes, but the principles can be applied across other resources which are declarative in nature.… Continue reading Introducing GitOps