Data is the single source of truth for businesses that wish to retain customers by continuous exhilaration. Today, because of IoT, mobility and cloud technologies, data sources have increased and data, both structured and unstructured, from on-premises and multiple clouds continues to pour into organizations. This data is often stored in disparate sources, i.e. file… Continue reading Data Fabric – Modernizing Data Integration to Deliver Business Value

Nerve cells in the brain control all our functions, thoughts, emotions and so forth. To summarize they define who or what we are. However, even more important than nerve cells are the junction between two nerve cells and unless these junctions or pathways are connected there would be resultant dysfunctionalities and chaos. This functionality or… Continue reading Azure Synapse Pathway – The Pathway to Truthful Analytics

In the modern digital world, the data keeps growing to enormous proportions. It, thus, needs businesses to find, collect, and analyze the data to glean insights for smarter business decision making. Hence, the way businesses manage, represent, or share the data is also becoming increasingly important. Data management teams within growing organizations have long grappled… Continue reading Azure Purview – A Futuristic Unified Data Governance Service