What is Data Migration? Migration Testing is a verification process of migration of the legacy system to the new system with minimal disruption/downtime. Ensure the data integrity, no loss of data, all the functional and non-functional aspects of the application are met post-migration. Why Data Migration? Below are the 3 main reasons where we go… Continue reading Data Migration Testing – Strategy, Types and Best Practices

Software testing is a time-consuming, challenging, and tedious process. In order to improve quality and speed up delivery, automation tools have been developed to assist with some testing process operations. Over time with the introduction of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, automation tools are becoming less effective. The testing industry is looking to… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a drastic reduction of customers visiting stores in-person, as more and more people prefer to shop online. This has resulted in changes in companies’ business models. A good E-commerce website is key to its success. E-commerce website is a business that thrives on its… Continue reading A Guide to eCommerce Testing

Invoking the build process manually is difficult to keep track of the built process, sequences, and dependencies in any project, so automating the build process has become essential to save time and maintain consistency and reliability throughout the project. Maven is one of the build automation tool that is hosted by Apache Software Foundation, and… Continue reading How to Integrate Maven and Jenkins with Selenium