Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI), a business unit within Microsoft Philanthropies, hosts a series of learning events for non-profit organizations. The event provides exposure to Microsoft solutions and how technology helps non-profit organizations be more productive, innovative and drive greater societal impact.

WinWire, a Microsoft Managed Partner focused on leveraging technology to drive more significant impact, is invited by the TSI team to deliver a session on Data & AI Solutions for non-profit organizations.

Session Details: Data & AI Solutions for nonprofits

Data – A Strategic asset to organizations is now part of Board room discussions. Data driven Insights help organizations differentiate and compete in real time. We see organizations invest in modernization efforts with single minded focus on business potential and ROI. We also see significant evolution in the AI and Cognitive space and the use of technology to support this evolution.

Join us for the engaging session on WinWire’s POV and solutions on Modern Data and AI with our Lead Practitioners – Viroopax Mirji and Chandra Lakshminarayan of WinWire. In this session, we will discuss use cases, solutions and trends for Data and AI, in our priority industry domains – Nonprofit, Healthcare and Life sciences.

Key takeaways

  • Brief introduction of WinWire Data and AI practice
  • WinWire solutions – Knowledge Miner – Healthcare domain and WInsights – Customer 360 in the Animal Health Commercial domain focus
  • Customer story – Product 360 in the Animal Health industry
  • Customer story – Modern Data and AI for a Nonprofit and Cognitive services in Healthcare