The Challenge of Mass Vaccination

Public health administrators, communities and healthcare providers look for a robust and adaptive COVID-19 vaccine management solution that will expedite the last mile of vaccine administration securely and equitably.

Enterprise Vaccine Management Solution

Getting people vaccinated quickly and efficiently

WinWire’s Vaccine Management Solution enables health officials and providers to manage vaccine distribution, expedite vaccine administration, citizen registrations, and simplify monitoring.

The mobile-ready solution is built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare & Power Platform. It provides rapid deployment, easy integration with EMR & IIS. It also automates back-end supply-chain clinical processes and inventory management & enables patient service quality improvement using a secure healthcare data.

This data-driven digital solution can handle vaccine planning and delivery in a pre-integrated, fully customized, or standalone mode with a laser-focus in providing web-scale, easy-to-deploy, intelligent systems.

The solution is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Solution Features

What Vaccine Management does for you

Healthcare Providers

Launch vaccine programs, manage queues and appointments, reporting, inventory management

Citizen Vaccine Planning

Vaccination guidance, registration, self-service, tracking citizens’ vaccination journey

Vaccine Program Learning

Address FAQs, drive citizen engagement, conduct eligibility screening to reduce overload

Vaccine Distribution

Inventory management, and demand forecasting

Results You Can Expect

How Vaccine Management benefits your organization

  • Enroll in mass vaccination program and drive patient outreach based on priority groups
  • Facilitate patient vaccination journey with effective monitoring
  • Scheduling, traceability, and vaccine administration
  • Rapid deployment and highly configurable solution

Streamline and manage your vaccine programs at scale.

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