Xamarin Evolve 2014

WinWire exhibited at Xamarin Evolve 2014, the cross-platform mobile development event of the year during October 6 – 10 at Atlanta. The event provided an opportunity to dive deep into mobile and cross-platform development as well as mobile app lifecycle best practices.

Wired2Win Webinar

Over flooded email boxes, countless meeting requests, poor cross-team coordination! Does this sound Familiar? Join our webinar “Change the Way You Work: Making SharePoint Social” on 20th November at 9 am PT to leran how to transform the way we work with Yammer.


Developers are using SQL Reporting to add a rich reporting experience to their applications running on-premise or in the cloud. Read our latest blog post on SQL Reporting solutions with Azure to learn more about the benefits of Windows Azure SQL Reporting.

Channel W

Watch Christophe Deslandes, CIO, KapStone Paper and Packaging, as he describes the unique challenges faced by IT during M&A, and how he has put together a framework in place leveraging MS technologies. Watch more such informative stories with us on our YouTube channel.