Enterprise’s business processes are generating data at a rapid pace. In addition to internal data, businesses are progressively utilizing external data in different forms for their strategic decisions. Enterprises require data-driven decision-making at every level, including stakeholders, executives, managers, and operational analysts. Sharing the right data with customers, suppliers, and partners not only builds trust… Continue reading Adaptive Protection in Microsoft Purview

In today’s fast-paced digitalized landscape, businesses need to redefine their tech-driven data strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Machine Learning (ML) is one of the key aspects of this strategy that businesses can leverage to harness the power of data and analytics. By adopting powerful Machine Learning tools to analyze data smartly, companies can… Continue reading How Businesses can adopt Machine Learning with Azure Synapse Analytics

How to decide the right Azure SQL service? When we decide to migrate an existing on-premises Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL services, there are three options, whichever option we choose, there is a definite cost savings that we can realize, and it can be up to 64%. The report “ The Economic Value of Migrating… Continue reading Migrating on-premises SQL Server to Azure

MLOps is a set of integrated processes to simplify and automate ML lifecycle management. The processes include data prep, versioning, registration, pipeline orchestration, training, validation, serving, deployment, monitoring and re-training of ML models Many enterprises have tested ML, deployed models in production but are facing challenges in managing the models. MLOps eases model management process and… Continue reading MLOps Implementation – Six Aspects you Need to Consider

In the data warehouse architecture space, we always had two options ‘single vendor stack’ and the ‘best of breed’. ‘Single vendor stack’ gave better license leverage and technical support but the platforms were still independent units with their own workspaces.  ‘Best of breed’ generally boasted innovation. Now we have a ‘single vendor stack’ that includes… Continue reading Azure Synapse Analytics – The only true Unified Data Analytics Platform

Data Governance and Compliance Data is an economic asset that helps organizations improve operations, increase revenue, solidify relationships with stakeholders, produce new revenue streams, improve the quality of current products, establish competitive differentiation, allow innovation, and reduce risks. Data Governance and Compliance is a crucial aspect in realizing the value of data as an asset. … Continue reading Microsoft Purview : Simplify Data Governance and Compliance