A successful intranet site engages and connects every member of the organization, supports their daily activities, reflects the company culture and allows them to get the work done more effectively. Isn’t it time to further organize your modern intranet – by building it with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 – to enhance employee engagement and change the look… Continue reading Manage Your SharePoint Sites With the New Megamenu

The term ‘reusability’ came into the picture when ineffective and multiple processes were designed differently and manually that was resulting in business workflow inefficiency, thereby forcing organizations to look for smarter solutions to amplify business workflow. Now ‘reusability’ has become a frequent term in the IT industry that leverage existing assets, including code, software components,… Continue reading Using Component Workflow for Nintex for Office 365

Filter External filter option, where theuser can filter specific column based on search text.In HTML, we have to add text box as below. Ng-model is a directive which binds the value of HTML controls to application data.Ng-change is the event which is called on text change. In JS, add filter options Ng-change event calls below… Continue reading Angular JS – Basics – ng-grid features – Part 2

Ng-grid is 100% angular grid which has no dependencies other than angular js. It has pagination, sorting, filtering and local data model binding/editing built in allowing for quick and easy integration with any Angular JS application. In this post we will demonstrate few ng-grid features by using REST API over HTTP.To get started we have… Continue reading Angular JS – Basics – ng-grid features – Part 1