The Microsoft AI Services has the power to rewrite the way businesses view products, products, customers and even the society

Nearly 300 million across the world suffer from visual impairment. If this news is stunning, the worse is yet to come. Medical research indicates that for at least 70 percent of these patients, early awareness and intervention would have helped to arrest the impairment. Thanks to Microsoft AI Network for Healthcare (MINE), hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide can benefit from preventive care for visual impairment.

Not just limited to the healthcare industry AI-enabled applications on the cloud, can transform human lives, from our respective lifestyles to what we read, watch and eat. Uber, for example, uses Microsoft AI’s Face API, a part of Microsoft Cognitive Services has an extra layer of security to its services. This help to map their driver’s photos to their records.

There are several similar examples of how AI applications are helping business to imagine and then reimagine their offerings. Panoramic doors of opportunities are opening where cognition, learning, and intelligence is paving the way to manage business processes and operations. Across several industry segments, including healthcare, retail, finance and so forth, AI is opening new pathways for improved customer experiences for competitive endurance.

Simplifying Complexity with Microsoft AI Services

Summarizing the power of AI, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says, “What is perhaps at the core of the experiences [and applications] we create, as well as our platform itself, is AI. AI is the runtime that is going to shape all of what we do going forward regarding the applications as well as the platform advances. At the center of the AI, revolution is Natural Language Technology (NLP), which is powering bots across businesses and their functions.”

However, the fact is, in spite of rave reviews about AI, most organizations are still not sure about the advantages it brings forth. As research indicates, the reason for this could relate to the complexities involved in integrating various hardware, software and data sources, all of which may be disparate, disconnected and not follow standard communication protocols. This is where Microsoft AI’s next-gen platform, with support from WinWire’s Data & AI and Cloud Applications team, is helping businesses to develop highly effective AI applications.

Get Smart and Intelligent Apps with Microsoft AI Services

WinWire helps organizations across various industries in developing AI strategies using Microsoft’s Azure AI Services such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, and Azure Automation.

WinWire helped a leading healthcare accreditation organization leverage AI-powered Intelligent Search and Recommendation solution for their line-of-business applications to ensure appropriate safety standards are chosen by surveyors, resulting in streamlined operations and improved employee experience.

For another customer, WinWire delivered a solution that harnesses the power of Chatbot supported by Microsoft AI Services to improve internal operations and finance functions to sales & marketing solutions that provides management of end-to-end customer experience using a global, multi-lingual and securely integrated system.

The Microsoft AI Services offers a spectrum of tools including Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive technologies etc, tightly knit together. Enterprises using these tools can create better customer experiences. The platform offers high-quality RESTful intelligent PIs for vision, speech, language, knowledge, and searches with minimal coding requirements. Using the platform’s pre-built services, you can create engaging, intelligent applications across devices. You can also customize the same with your data to train algorithms for your specific needs and run them on your application.

Microsoft AI ServicesKey benefits

  1. Cognitive Services empowers companies to develop their own AI applications, with the help of data scientists. Its rich set of features cover speech, vision, language, knowledge, and search. Using Cognitive Recognition, one can leverage powerful pre-trained algorithms to recognize faces, emotions, words and so forth.

Cognitive Services can help to connect customers to products intuitively. To quote a sample, imagine visitors to a shopping mall. An Insights App picks up live video streams for the kiosk cameras, and analyzes the frames. Cognitive Services helps to identify unique visitors and group them by demographics, behavioral patterns, shopping habits and even facial expressions. Thus when visitors enter the mall, the app can analyze customers and help businesses to target them meaningfully for their marketing campaigns. This is the real power of cognitive intelligence.

  1. AI enabled customer engagement: Organizations are using chatbots and virtual assistants to offer solutions to customers. Indulging in intelligent conversations these chatbots can drive customers from casual enquiry to sales closures.
  2. Machine Learning: Helps to collect disparate data to derive intelligence. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is useful for engineers when dealing with large volumes of data.


Microsoft AI Services is powerful and has the ability to change the face of intelligent enterprises. It is creating an algorithmic enriched future where AI, revolving around quantum computing will provide insights and answers to unsolvable problems. For example, genetic data can help with discovering cures for incurable diseases and come in handy for research of medically unsolvable problems. The future lies in imagination but that too the Microsoft AI platform makes it easy with its pre-built features.

Envisioning and Planning Session on Microsoft AI Services

Ask WinWire about our Envisioning & Planning Sessions on Microsoft AI Services to learn how Microsoft provides the most comprehensive Azure AI platform and help build modern, intelligent applications.