Time to design a product!! Monolithic vs Microservices? Monolithic vs microservices architecture battle has been going for a while; the scalability, robustness and efficiency of the product is determined by the architecture leveraged. Monolithic architecture basically represents a single unified unit and is usually one code base whereas microservices are small, autonomous, and self-contained services,… Continue reading Event-driven Architecture – Microservices

Just imagine how much error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming it would be to extract data manually from various sources/documents, which might also impact the entire business process. Let’s consider a use case where the power of Amazon Textract can be harnessed. “A transportation agency maintains all registration and transportation in paper-based documents. With the growth of the number… Continue reading Amazon Textract Service – Extract text, data and forms from documents

Prior to diving into details, let us comprehend what’s digital asset. In the simplest terms, a digital asset is a rich media content (which includes photos, music, videos and other multimedia content) that’s stored digitally and is detailed by its metadata. What is Digital Asset Management? Digital asset management (DAM) is a business procedure for… Continue reading Transforming Digital Asset Management using Azure Computer Vision

A leading product company leverages SharePoint Online to build a document management system to store its product information and share it with vendors and partners, using SharePoint Online’s external sharing feature. However, the system stores confidential data, such as upcoming product roadmap, product codes and so forth. How can this product company share information but… Continue reading How to Implement Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint Online

In today’s modern era of Artificial Intelligence and Serverless computing, “BOT” is one of the most buzz term. We have been using BOTs for quite a long but still, if the term is unfamiliar to you, you might ponder what it is and how it works precisely. In simple terms, BOT is an intelligent and… Continue reading How to build a Chatbot Using Azure Bot Service

Organizations using SharePoint on-premise often face challenges that include slow speed of the SharePoint experience, sub-optimal end-user experience, and difficulties with upgrades. Further, the hidden bottlenecks within the system are sometimes hard to find. Moving to Office 365 lets organizations continue enjoying popular programs such as Word, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint, while at… Continue reading SharePoint to Office 365 Migration – Top Challenges

Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform in Office 365. Along with chat-based workspace, Microsoft Teams’ integration with other Microsoft services and various other familiar office applications lets users share files, schedule meetings, collaborative editing, and easy switching between voice, video and text chat. Microsoft Teams facilitates easy collaboration by bringing together people, conversations,… Continue reading Integrate External Services with Microsoft Teams via Custom Bot

Machine Learning– Doesn’t it sound intriguing? Machine learning is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps computers learn from existing data with a specific end goal to forecast future practices, results, and patterns. These forecasts or expectations from machine learning can make devices and apps more quick witted. Machine learning as it depends on… Continue reading Analytics with Azure Cognitive services joined by Flow in SharePoint Online

Problem Description: SharePoint On-premises versions do render .svg and .html files on the browser without any issues (of course with the additional configuration of allowing these MIME types from SharePoint Central Administration). It’s just a minute’s job to create an HTML file in SharePoint On-premises and even, we can embed a good number of controls… Continue reading SharePoint Online does not render svg images and html files – How to overcome this?