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Azure Data Platform, Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse for Insights


The customer is a leading healthcare medication and feed producer that develops animal health products and innovative solutions to protect and enhance animal health.

Business Challenge

The organization has been the cornerstone of the animal health industry that develops innovative solutions to enhance animal healthcare.

The data operations team was responsible for enabling the Product data domain on Azure and were looking to untangle their data infrastructure from the former parent company to meet their Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) and build/integrate a brand-new data analytics architecture into their new analytics ecosystem.  

The three broad areas identified for differentiation through the power of data and insights: 

  • Drive innovation in new product development and ways to extend current product lines.
  • Maximize product portfolio lifespan while maintaining quality and efficiency standards and optimizing the market mix.
  • Increase productivity and supply chain synchronicity with margin expansion opportunities.

They wanted a partner aligned with their values and leveraging technology to impact social good positively. They wanted a partner with domain expertise working with the animal healthcare industry. 

The customer partnered with WinWire to help them with a transformational Product 360 initiative on Azure to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.

WinWire Solution

Based on WinWire’s experience, WinWire proposed a comprehensive Product 360 enterprise solution to help with Information Management, data, and insights capability for different groups.

The capability enabled the client to:

  • Identify the sub-domains under the Product domain – Batch, Materials, BOM, Ingredients, Recipe, Product support data. 
  • Identify enterprise source data from SAP, Sphera and more to bring into the Azure Data Platform. 
  • Configured data pipelines to integrate data from different Source systems to Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse for Insights. 
  • Established enterprise-level data foundation while meeting TSA timelines of divestiture. 
  • Delivered Insights across process areas – Demand, Supply, Operations, Procurement, Inventory, and Commercial 
  • Enabled Advanced Insights capabilities – Yield efficiency, Spend analysis, supplier performance, and more. 
  • Enabled APIs for downstream consumption. 

Business Value

  • Supply chain stakeholders can view inventory loss, freight and shipment costs, and trace product demand throughout the supply chain.
  • Achieved a 30% reduction in overall infrastructure cost
  • Completed their TSA on time while onboarding 15,000 customers to Azure

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