Deployment of environments can be simplified and kept consistent using the DevOps concept Infrastructure as a Code (IaC). This reduces the time to create environments on demand for testing, user acceptance and helps tracing deployment failures way before the production release of the application. Azure Resource Manager templates enables creation of resources like Virtual machines,… Continue reading Deploy Resources with Custom ARM Templates & Azure portal

While working on the projects, we might have a requirement to send emails to a set of recipients programmatically. For this, we usually use the SMTP server created at the client end for sending the emails, which involves a considerable amount of cost and maintenance of servers for the client. However, if we have to… Continue reading Sending Emails using SendGrid in Microsoft Azure

While working with Emails, we might have a situation where we might have to show the email content differently for outlook and other clients. For example, show some text in outlook and on the other hand show some other content with buttons in another client instead of the text. This can be accomplished by using… Continue reading MSO Conditional Statement for Outlook Client