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The customer provides innovative pharmacy and medication management solutions for healthcare professionals and health systems pursuing the automation pharmacy.

Business Challenge

The medical management solution provider was looking to transform its Pharmacy automation solutions, automate their medication dispensing processes, improve inventory control, eliminate errors during medication dispensing in the pursuit to achieve better patient outcomes and free up the pharmacists for more clinically focused initiatives.

They wanted to adopt intelligent solution that automates workflow, streamline pharmacy operations, and improve safety to optimize entire medication management process. Their process was currently disconnected and time consuming and leading to:

  • Medication related problems account for 40% hospital re-admission.
  • 75% of pharmacy time goes in non-clinical activities.

There was dependency on manual and inefficient processes that was prone to errors. Medical dispensing and central pharmacy were not automated and was not regulated.

WinWire Solution

To help accelerate customer’s innovation journey, WinWire leveraged its Product Engineering and Productizing Innovation Framework (WinBoost) – A scalable, flexible, high-performance model from product innovation to engineering to transform product development.

  • We developed a cloud-native, multi-tenancy solution, a web application that interacted with multiple microservices wrapping data stores in rea-time that enabled the customer to have better medication inventory visibility.
  • The autonomous pharmacy solution helped transform each unit dose of medication and each medical supply item to a digital node on network. As medication moves from central pharmacy to point of care, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians use connected devices and integrated systems to access detailed information and easy-to-understand data insights.
  • The solution consumes transactions in real-time to maintain the current state of inventory by facilities and medications in a local database to ensure medication availability and save patient time
Medical solutions

Business Value

  • Automated the drug dispense and stocking activities and eliminate errors
  • Optimize inventory management and operations
  • Improved patient care by increasing medication availability based on demand
  • Reduced time spent for non-clinical activities, witnessed an 83% faster medication ordering

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