WinTBM (Technology Business Management) solution




Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Databricks, PowerBI


The healthcare organization is one of the global leaders in developing and delivering feed and medicines for both farm animals and companion animal through bold vision and cutting-edge scientific innovation.

Business Challenge

The customer has recently divested from its parent company. This massive undertaking required the onboarding of 15,000 people to Azure and the migration of 65 sites, manufacturing plants, and R&D labs to a new software-defined network. 

Upon their migration to Azure, the customer realized they had a perfect opportunity to transform their data and analytics infrastructure critical aspects and turn their IT department from a cost center to a profit center. To achieve that, they were looking to build:

  • A back-end system that ingests data from customer’s financial systems.
  • Power BI reporting that allows stakeholders to view costs, budgets, allocations, and revenue by source.
  • A front-end GUI to assign the TBM taxonomy to financial transactions not processed by rules. 
  • Analyze and break costs associated with different teams and the impact both teams were having on business so that they could make granular decisions about individual teams. 

WinWire Solution

The customer contracted WinWire to implement their Technology Business Management (TBM) framework leveraging WinTBM and Azure services.

WinWire assessed the IT-related finance cost items, mapped them to the TBM Taxonomy, and built an integrated data model. An interactive app with audit capability was developed to map and allocate the cost to General Ledger (GL) items.

  • Built a business case with a design thinking approach, choose cost-optimized Azure services capacity planning and security, and created the initial level 0 plan and pilot scope.
  • Implemented program in waves based on priority and ease of deployment. 
  • Allocated workflow applications and performed incremental rollouts for quicker business value realization.
  • Developed Power BI dashboards for customers IT Vendor Management Organization to provide vendor cost insight and consolidation.
animal healthcare

Business Value

  • Realized a 25% cost reduction  
  • Transformed customer’s ability to drive profits and innovation in their IT department.
  • Enabled the customer to reallocate the savings to other IT areas and maximized investments.
  • The cost cutting allowed the customer to make granular decisions.

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