The last year has witnessed a year of transformation for Microsoft and its partners. Now, it’s time for acceleration, innovation, and growth. Microsoft Inspire is the most significant conference held annually by Microsoft for its partner community. At Inspire, partners learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year, network, share best practices, and experience the latest product… Continue reading Top Announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2019

Advances in technologies such as Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence driving innovation and digital transformation in every industry. Technology is reinventing businesses, and enterprises have started leveraging data to gain real-time insights to elevate the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. Of all these technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a… Continue reading How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Driving Business Innovation

Office 365, the cloud-based subscription service from Microsoft, offers a collaborative experience for all businesses alike. And as businesses realize this benefit, Microsoft continuously aims to increase not only the productivity level but also intends to revolutionize the way you and your colleagues’ work. By adding functionality and security, the Microsoft team makes on average… Continue reading Office 365 – New Features You Need to Know

Since the 2008 R2 rollout – until now, heavy users of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) haven’t had much incentive to upgrade. However, the release of SQL Server 2016 has drastically changed everything. Microsoft has undeniably made significant improvements to the latest version of its report-generating software. Here are a few reasons why should you… Continue reading Why Should You Upgrade to SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services?

With the time, AngularJS has become one of the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks in the world of web application development. Since its inception, the application has witnessed astounding growth in terms of adoption and community support. From gentle beginnings, Angular has evolved into a client-side MVW framework (Model-View-Whatever) for the building of complex… Continue reading Angular JS 2.0 – The New Wave of Application Development

Enterprises are looking at modern applications to drive their business. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to be driving more innovation in their products and services. They need to innovate rapidly and at the same time they need to do it cost-effectively as well. Leverage Azure Mobile Services and Xamarin Forms to… Continue reading Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Azure Mobile Services

You never know where your business will take you—and despite the near ubiquity of the Internet, sometimes you don’t get a connection when you need one. That is where Offline Edition works. Whether you’re on a plane or in your most important customer’s lobby, Offline Edition makes it easier for you to stay ahead… Continue reading Going Offline with Salesforce Mobile

Are you looking for developing powerful applications on Cloud? Is creating highly-available, infinitely-scalable, mobile-enabled applications in a short time frame and limited budget a challenge for you? Enterprises are continuously looking for developing powerful applications which are highly-available and infinitely-scalable. Microsoft Azure Platform has become a much sought after tool for developers who want to… Continue reading Streamline your App Development Approach with Microsoft Azure