In my previous blog, I provided an overview on Microsoft Azure and some of its unique capabilities. In this post, I will be talking about the execution models of Azure and on what basis the decision between either of them need to be made. Software as a Service Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software… Continue reading Microsoft Azure – SaaS, PaaS or IaaS

While it’s the cloud era and multiple enterprise organizations are coming up with respective versions of cloud, it’s highly important to understand the basics of it specifically when you need to decide on the base and underlings. In this blog and the following one, I have tried to simplify and explain about SaaS, PaaS and… Continue reading Microsoft Azure : Next-gen Cloud Computing Services

While working on a recent project in SharePoint 2010, I ran into a problem with a requirement related to the ribbon. In case you have the same situation, I’m sharing what I’ve learned. For the site I was creating, the ribbon needed to appear for all users regardless of their permission set. However, SharePoint 2010… Continue reading Ribbon for READ Permission in SharePoint 2010 Publishing Page

Search architecture contains both search components and databases; building this search architecture is highly dependent on several factors, including high availability and fault tolerance, content available, estimated amount of page views and queries per second. Search in SharePoint 2013 comes with a fresh architecture and powerful components, categorized as a Feeding Chain, Search Core, Query… Continue reading SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture and Components

This post covers yet another nightmare that I had faced while working on one of the “terrible” areas in SharePoint. Yep – this post will cover Data View Web Part. The reason why I call it “terrible” is not because it is difficult to understand; it’s because with Data View Web Part(DVWP), one tends to… Continue reading SharePoint Data View Web Part