WinWire is the winner of the Microsoft Marketing Excellence award for the Northwest region for the year 2013! With this award Microsoft recognizes the innovative and impactful marketing strategies, which have added significant value to Microsoft as well.

With Microsoft having its biggest product launch year in its history in 2012, WinWire aligned itself to deliver not only product feature and functionality information but discuss user scenarios with prospects and customers around leading edge solutions like Windows Azure, Windows8, SharePoint 2013 and BI leveraging SQL 2012 and SQL Azure. The past year, WinWire has helped Microsoft increase awareness and reach of Microsoft’s Collaboration and Analytics solutions on the Cloud and Mobile. WinWire leveraged the best of traditional marketing techniques like in-person session & event participation, as well as innovative digital campaigns, webcasts & Social Media.

WinWire has also been proactive in suggesting and implementing Microsoft solutions in use cases where they hadn’t been tried before. WinWire’s compelling content in session presentations and collateral have resulted in creating leads, reducing the ‘interest to adoption’ lifecycle of a client.

Recognizing the thought leadership in these endeavors, Microsoft continues to extend its support to WinWire’s Marketing initiatives.