Over the years, people go for medical checkups resulting in generic medical records, and some investigatory tests such as x-rays and scans stored as images. People also suffer from different illnesses, undergone surgeries which would have been treated through procedures and treatments. These medical records could be stored in different formats elsewhere. Health records of… Continue reading Innovation in Healthcare – Azure Healthcare APIs

As enterprises adapt to new technologies to manage large scale, complex and fragmented business units, tons of data continue to be generated. This data comes from various sources such as customer interaction, social media, sales cycles, business transactions and so forth. Enterprises are therefore weighed down by these massive amounts of data that can run… Continue reading Azure Databricks – Unified Approach for Managing Data and Machine Learning

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has tested the retail industry thoroughly and in many ways. It brought a major paradox in the consumer sentiments that impacted the whole industry in a way never imagined before. Initially, foot traffic in U.S. stores fell 58.4% in the third week of March, per ShopperTrak. Then in matter of next few… Continue reading 5 Post-COVID Retail Trends

Machine learning needs data and context to enhance and refine its predictions. With complex and large volumes of data, AI Machine Learning (ML) models get a larger playground to develop precision. One problem that may hinder this learning process is the lack of quality data in the production environment. Access to historical data and related… Continue reading Feature Store for AI – Should one Build or Buy?

Paginated reports essentially began to flourish under SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) as part of Microsoft’s previous BI stack and are mainly used for operational reporting, often delivered as PDFs emailed to users on a daily or weekly schedule. Whereas Power BI is leveraged as a visual analytics tool to enable rapid, ad-hoc data exploration focused on… Continue reading Publish Power BI Paginated Reports with Azure PostgreSQL

In the modern digital world, the data keeps growing to enormous proportions. It, thus, needs businesses to find, collect, and analyze the data to glean insights for smarter business decision making. Hence, the way businesses manage, represent, or share the data is also becoming increasingly important. Data management teams within growing organizations have long grappled… Continue reading Azure Purview – A Futuristic Unified Data Governance Service

In today’s technology landscape, enterprises are evolving to stay relevant as the competition looks to take a bit out of their market share. Automation and orchestration are necessary evils that will help companies stay competitive and take advantage of latest tools to produce more, reduce costs, and minimize risk. So, which one should you do?… Continue reading Automation vs. Orchestration – What You Need Know

Businesses are grappling to optimize operations for their business applications. They need application development platforms that are flexible, extensible, and ensure fast time-to-market. Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful business application platform, which offers businesses effortless application building and data insights. The adoption of the Power Platform has been exponentially increasing since its launch in… Continue reading Microsoft Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) – All You Need to Know About It

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the world’s health care systems to test and brought forth the critical gaps. Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the health care industry had already been grappling with some serious data challenges. But now, the healthcare industry is seemingly at the forefront of driving the revolution of… Continue reading Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Transforming Your Healthcare Experiences

The rapid evolution of technologies across the application infrastructure is compelling enterprises to rethink their business strategy. Businesses worldwide are increasingly turning to application modernization to address the challenges of agility, operational efficiency, and customer experience. The latest market survey reports that the global app modernization market is expected to grow to USD 16.67 Billion by 2022.… Continue reading Legacy Application Modernization with Microservices & Containers