With the shift in customer expectations, the future of automotive sales and service models are changing. Customers today are well informed, have clear ideas, opinions and expect a best buying experience that is quick and convenient. Hence, the sales staff must know its customer profile well in advance to serve the customer in the best possible way.

But the challenge is information silos, scattered across different systems and sources whereas the staff requires seamless information at its fingertips to provide a delightful customer experience.

Driving ahead with a unified customer view

The Head of Marketing of a leading electric car company was looking for a solution in a unified customer view. Customer information stored in different silos was preventing in making faster decisions as it was scattered across Test Drive, Delivery and Service of the vehicle. The company was losing out on front office productivity due to diverse customer touch points.

Besides, the legacy application managing the data silos was too cumbersome resulting in poor customer experience. The company wanted to improve its customer experience and field productivity. The idea was to drive customer experience to the next level of digital sophistication with one-touch access to information.

The modernization journey involved redefining the business application through a design-centric, mobile-enabled solution. The company decided to collaborate with WinWire while seeking a partner with proven technology leadership and execution excellence to deliver a project of this complexity.

WinWire not only built a successful scalable solution from scratch but also provided enhanced customer insights through a unified system of intelligence – The Global Scheduling System.

Managing data complexity

The primary challenge was to manage the speed and responsiveness of the system because of the enormous amount of real-time data involved. WinWire team of experts understood the customer’s business needs and designed a unified solution accessible on iPad and PCs.

Improving speed and connectivity: The application was designed considering user mobility, catering to the tech-savvy, connected audience. WinWire leveraged the design thinking approach to maintain design harmony.

The solution provided deeper insights into customers’ usage patterns, service experience and expectations that the business was hoping for. Consequently, the company could easily do away with multiple data silos and gain access to a single, intelligent, and a unified customer view.

The WinWire Difference

By moving from legacy A+ system to a real-time Global Scheduling System, WinWire is able to successfully display all the relevant information to the customer team agent at one glance. All customer interactions gathered from multiple sources and channels are captured in a single data repository.

The process is simplified to enable customer self-scheduling. The end users can schedule their test drive and service appointments according to their convenience. The solution triggers an appointment scheduling feature based on external events such as an alert from the car.

Improved Productivity: The customer team agent is now able to readily capture the desired information, which eventually helps enhance front office productivity. With the Global Scheduling System in place, booking an appointment is now a two minutes job, and delivering a seamless customer experience is just a few clicks away!

The Global Scheduling System is a comprehensive yet simple and flexible model empowering employees with predictive insights throughout the customer journey.

Scheduling System

Thrice the benefit with three-fold customer enhancement application features:

1. Global usage: The newly developed multilingual application system is currently used by thousands of employees across the globe in 20 different languages and cultures.

2. Internal usage: Dashboard and calendar are designed for internal users to view, report and schedule appointments by number, location and time slot.

3. More efficiency: The self-scheduling feature enables customers to schedule appointments on their own, reducing front office effort and improving productivity.

From complex to simplified view, maximizing the business impact with WinWire

A Multilingual, Scalable solution with Enhanced customer experience.

The journey from legacy to a cutting-edge system involved using Microsoft technologies to deliver a world-class solution that manages complex data silos.

The newly designed Global Scheduling System is a microservices based, cloud-enabled scalable solution. The system enables the customer to drive high productivity through effective resource planning.

Furthermore, this “System of Intelligence” is agile and can quickly adapt to the latest technologies including Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning. Thus, the company can seamlessly harness the power of advanced digital capabilities to gain competitive advantage and stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

The solution is driving high productivity, significantly elevating the customer experience and creating unprecedented levels of new business value.


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