Are you ready for the cloud?

With the accelerating pace of change around us, every business needs to innovate & change faster than ever before. Old infrastructure and traditional ways of building apps are becoming growth inhibitors for an enterprise.


A cloud assessment is a process that makes use of a cloud assessment tool to discover and assess your on-premises apps, data, and infrastructure. This step helps you to identify dependencies across applications and analyze their priority for migration with minimal impact to business operations during the transition.

What will you receive post Assessment?

Application Assessment results and Scores

Risk & Complexities

Roadmap for infra and app modernization

Azure spend consumption estimate

How WinWire helps you in your modernization journey?

WinWire offers a proven and well-defined assessment to help you optimize your investment in infrastructure and applications and stay competitive. We use WinWire Cloud Assessment Tool (WinCAT)to help customers optimize their modernization initiatives for mission-critical business applications.


WinCAT provides customers with a rapid, low-intrusion assessment, and a data-driven business case to make the move to Azure for modernization of infrastructure and applications.

Our cloud planning approach helps drive fast and actionable results through automation!

Understand your
Environment and
Plan your
Requirements and create your
Identify Cost
Savings and Best-fit
Create Your
Migration Plan and
Migration Assets


WinCAT is an end-to-end cloud-enablement platform for accelerating cloud adoption. It delivers a robust and automated infrastructure and application cloud-readiness with estimated TCO and basic ROI.

Are you ready to transform your business in the Cloud?