WinWire goes where the best minds in the industry are. If you are planning to attend Microsoft Azure + AI Conference in Orlando on Jun 10-13, 2019, we’d love to meet you and discuss how WinWire can help to digitally transform your business, increase productivity and profitability through AI technologies and cloud capabilities.

The Microsoft Azure + AI Conference brings together the best and brightest from the cloud and AI industry. Azure is becoming a key competitive advantage for all businesses and customers are keen to onboard the cloud train. When combined with AI technologies, vision systems, voice interaction, machine learning and deep learning, the opportunities for growth are enormous.

WinWire team is thrilled to attend the conference and will share insights on AI & Machine Learning in the Azure and how to use the Azure features to build and train the models. We will also discuss and share information on how our customers are leveraging modern technologies such as Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Predictive Analytics, SQL Server, Power BI when it comes to developing and/or integrating intelligence into modern applications. We are looking forward to great sessions, learnings, and networking at the conference.

Sounds exciting? Come meet our technical experts at the conference. Please write to us at –

Meanwhile, below are some useful resources on Azure and Microsoft AI resources