The Need for Energy Management

The rising cost of energy is causing organizations to evaluate smart ways of saving energy. Effective energy management is an increasingly critical focus area for organizations as well as end-customers.


Smart energy management systems combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide the ideal solution for these challenges by supporting radical changes in the way energy consumption is monitored and managed.


Exploring the Possibilities: Internet of Things and Analytics

A business process services company was looking for a robust energy-efficiency solution integrated into an Internet of Things (IoT) platform in which data from sensors could be gathered, collated, filtered, and analyzed to monitor main energy loads.


The company was actively seeking a reliable control system to monitor and manage energy consumptions. The management was concerned about the excessive spending- time on the operational reporting; the need of the hour was a single gateway that could listen to a wide variety of data streams and standardize messages for a unified management system.


The biggest challenge, which they were facing, was to find an appropriate platform that could provide the metrics to measure the consumption of energy and guide efforts, to reduce energy, and to move towards the goal of achieving a “Zero-Net-Cost”.


Their requirements included:


• An optimized Energy consumption by covering a heterogeneous set of instrumentation.
• A real-time sense-and-respond capability.
• An increased Productivity by covering a wide range of facilities remotely.
• An ability to drill into specific areas for diagnostics.


Improving Insights using Azure IoT-based Solutions

WinWire critically analyzed the situation and teamed up with Candi Controls (another Microsoft Partner) and Microsoft Azure IoT Team to create an agile, Power BI-based dashboard deploying Azure IoT Hub, Azure Steam Analytics, and Azure Table Storage using data being captured from devices installed across a number of sites/buildings.


WinWire’s simplified and unified approach to IoT applications helped the client in monitoring main energy loads, and establishing baseline energy usage by work area and load. The dashboards provided metrics to measure consumption of energy and guide efforts to reduce energy towards a goal of “Zero Net Cost”. This led the company to analyze high-volume, streaming data and also get a deep insight into a real-time Power BI analytics dashboard, which improved the insight and support for business growth.


Read the complete case study here.


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