A corporate intranet is a difficult thing to get perfect or even right. Many companies get one, but only few are actively used by employees once they launch. Technology makes it easier than ever to quickly and easily build a system, but this is often only half the story. A successful corporate intranet requires more than just a great IT team or product. It needs constant hard work and attention. Let’s look at a few of the reasons these systems fail, and what can be done to avoid falling into the same traps.


• Forget Navigation, Information Architecture, only thing that matters is corporate branding Adding Company news and announcement
• Including internal Apps and important links without proper grouping
• Departments not categorized properly
• Users not able to go back to parent page after he/she is inside 3rd or 4th level
• Content is not updated regularly
• Employees unable to search whatever he/she is looking for.
• Intranet looking more of a company brand image than being of any usefulness to employees
• Too much of interference from Senior Management during the design phase.
• More emphasis goes in making the site jazzy, elegant, beautiful and rich


How intranet is used?

Intranet Usage


How can your intranet be improved?

Intranet Improvement


How to make intranet interesting?

Involve Employees and let UX team lead the show
• Define user groups and start to talk to employees personally, asking them about the intranet and what they generally access & how
• This will help you get a checklist of what can go in intranet to make it interesting
• Record the session
• Get employees to participate in card sorting and task testing activities for your new intranet
• In Card sorting session, participants organize topics into categories that make sense to them and they may also help you label these groups


Build hype with pre-launch teasers
• Offering a sneak peek into the new intranet can relieve wariness and spark excitement. Creativity and fun will go a long way here.
• Run an intranet naming competition
• Run logo making competition


Test your design/wireframe with employees
• This is important to have your design verified with employees at early stage
• The feedback gathered from this mid-project testing can validate new design ideas and help designers learn whether they are going to solve users’ problems, whether they are targeting these problems without fully resolving them


Employee centered news
• What’s the most popular type of news on intranets? News about employees.
• Allow them to publish blogs, stories, jokes


Pre-Populate Employee’s profile photo
• Reduce the effort required for users to fill in their profiles
• Ensure the people directory shows rich data and connections
• Enable personalized news delivery based on group membership


Publish celebrations and internal events regularly
• This will create enthusiasm among employee
• Also allow them to upload pictures to make it even more interesting


Have photo of the day or idea contest
• Again this will make the intranet even more interactive and more user focused
• Also track the IDEA if its good and make it work


Have your own Classifieds
• This will be good for a big companies wherein employees can post items they want to sell or buy and things can be easy for them


Keep Suggestion box and track it
• Keep a suggestion/feedback box and most important take action to it.
• For example employee suggests “Why can’t we have car pooling initiative in our company”
• Take action and keep the employee posted with a timeline


Keep apps like timesheet, claims, travel, leave application, project tool ONLINE
• Keep the Apps which are important ones and those which employees use it regularly or want to use it regularly


Mobilize your intranet and allow intranets to work outside office
• Mobilizing will save lots of time especially for managers who want to approve

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