Provider Hosted App with MVC Azure and SQL Server on-premise : Hybrid

This post shows the step by step approach on how to use O365, Provider Hosted APP with MVC5, Azure and fetching data from SQL Server On-Premise.



As most of us are aware, the need for the future is “Online”. Nobody wants to have bulky Infrastructure. Online (O365, Azure) is what the companies are focus on.


Talking what SharePoint has to offer and to bridge the gap between the On-Premise and Online, this blog was created.


Since Microsoft has declared the deprecation of Azure-hosted APP. The focus is now on the Provider-hosted APP. There are so many articles written to explain this. However, a few talks about the Hybrid approach of the Provider Hosted APP.


Tried to put together a series of steps required, which will guide the beginners to learn the Provider-hosted Model in SharePoint. While experts can gain understanding of Hybrid approach (fetching data from SQL-On Premise).


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