Given the recent pace of technology changes and rising customer expectations, businesses are investing in enterprise software platforms to stay competitive. Your organization may be running on legacy aging software that is even older than some of your employees. Your millennial employees may be complaining about your archaic systems and are difficult to retain. Lack of support available for these systems is becoming a real risk to your business.

Traditional Method to Choose a Software Product Waste Time and Money

Over the years, organizations formulate their requirements, ask stakeholders for input, compile a list of features, rate them based on importance, and send their list off to their software providers. Hiring selection consultants will lead to a drawn-out process including

  • Developing an RFP
  • Evaluating a dozen software vendors
  • Sitting through days of product demonstrations
  • Reading through hundreds of pages of product proposals

Why Traditional Method Does Not Work?

Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP products are mature and come with a substantial depth of features and functionality. They all share standard features with mostly cosmetic differences. Evaluating features and functions in an RFP almost always ends up being a draw.  Furthermore, there is empirical evidence to show that only a limited number of software features are used frequently. This means that most organizations use less than half of the features offered by the software products.

So why go through the expense and time to assess features and services?

Focus on the Platform instead of the Features

There is a better way, once you realize that features do not matter, all the selection pain goes away. You can evaluate software product on much simpler and more critical criteria including:

    PlatformERP is not in a vacuum.  It needs to play well with other legacy systems. With so many business processes extending beyond just ERP, it is important that ERP is just one component of a larger platform solution that covers all business processes as well as analytics and reporting.

Make sure the platform is leveraging artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning as this is the future of business systems.

This single criterion will eliminate most software vendors.

    InvestmentMany ERP products get left behind when the software vendor pivots toward a new flavor in search of revenue. This may mean that you may be forced into a costly migration before you reach your maximum ROI.

Make sure the vendor has a long-term track record of investing in the product.  Make sure they are developing the product internally and not just acquiring functionality and bolting it on.

  PricePrice gets all the attention, but it is the least important of these criteria.

Making a mistake on the platform will end up costing you far more than the software licensing cost.

How WinWire Can Support?

Getting started can be difficult, and even something as seemingly simple as choosing a software product for your business can be more complicated than what you think.

WinWire can help you identify the best platform for your enterprise including popular choices like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we can show you how all your existing business systems can leverage those platform capabilities to realize the following benefits.

  • Automation of business processes
  • Improved workflow
  • Actionable analytics
  • Responsive to changing market demands

Contact us and we will show you what your business can look like on a modern platform.

Director-Dynamics 365