Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of system resources remotely, especially data storage and computing power, without direct interactions with system resources. Cloud computing is evolving for best performance and manageability with less maintenance. We have a lot of players in cloud computing, and AWS & Azure is leading the market capita. Now it is time for… Continue reading Get Started with Google Cloud Platform

Xamarin.Forms have simplified the process of building mobile applications with the introduction of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Styling Xamarin.Forms using CSS supportsstylingvisual elements. Traditionally, the process was to use the same formatting to control multiple pages in forms. In this method, the code size increased proportionately with the app screen size and this process was complicated. A… Continue reading Styling Xamarin.Forms using CSS – Mobile App Development Made Easy

Are you an Android developer? Did you change your application target SDK to 26? Is the latest update of Android app stopped receiving your notifications? Consider implementing Notifications Android Oreo. Google brings something new with each version of Android. One of the critical feature/enhancements will be around the way notifications are displayed to the user.… Continue reading Working with Notifications Channels in Android Oreo

Calabash is a new functional testing tool for both IOS and Android mobile applications. Calabash is an open source functional testing developed by LessPainful. OVERVIEW: How it works Calabash iOS consists of two parts: To use calabash you make a special test target in XCode that links with calabash.framework. The application is otherwise unchanged. The… Continue reading Calabash: Functional Testing For Mobile Applications