Regulatory Information Management – Reduces compliance risk and regulatory submission time

Using multiple tools to manage regulatory information has become inevitable for regulatory affairs organizations in Healthcare and Life Sciences companies. Rapid changes in national regulations, data standards, and globalization are forcing them to plan for evolving future requirements and to adopt newer and more efficient technologies.


Addressing the concern, Regulatory Information Management – RIMTrack – a cutting edge cloud-based plug-and-play scalable solution – improves regulatory information tracking and enhances the speed and accuracy of the regulatory submissions. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with various existing systems and enhance collaboration among different teams.

Improve collaboration and enhance regulatory data tracking with  cloud based Regulatory Information Management solution.

Get the most out of your Regulatory Information Management (RIM) strategy

Maximize ROI

Integrate with existing RIM system and achieve complete end-to-end management of regulatory life cycle process.

Speed and Accuracy

Stay ahead of regulatory compliances by enhancing speed and accuracy of the submissions process.

Reduce OpEx

Eliminate or cut-down all your legacy systems and streamline entire regulatory information tracking.

Here is how WinWire helps you accelerate regulatory submission process

By eliminating the need of varied systems such as Excel and other legacy systems, RIMTrack helps Life Sciences companies to collaborate, manage and track regulatory data easily and effectively. It can also integrate with already existing RIM systems to provide an end-to-end and unified RIM solution.

Why efficient RIM system is needed?


of the companies state RIM system efficiency is important and 42% of those say it is a critical system


of the companies rely significantly on RIM systems – increasing utilization compared to earlier years


of the companies believe a unified architecture across organizational functions is very crucial


of the companies utilize separate systems for each functional area of RIM


Regulatory Information Management is an effective and easy-to-use solution that enhances collaboration and improves speed and accuracy of the regulatory submission process.

Ready to leverage cloud-based plug-n-play solution?